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15 February, 2015 -The first guest of 2015 is the Honouable Bill Graham, the Hounourary Colonel of the Governor General's Horse Guards.

William Carvel "Bill" Graham PC QC CM (born March 17, 1939) is a former Canadian politician, who served as Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of National Defence, Leader of the Opposition and interim Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Graham grew up in Montreal and Vancouver, and he was educated at Upper Canada College, Trinity College at the University of Toronto, the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, and the University of Paris. As a student, he traveled in the Middle East and Europe. He married the former Catherine Curry in 1962, and they have a daughter, Katherine and a son, Patrick.

After his graduation from law school, Graham went to Paris to pursue a doctorate of laws, with a focus on international law, as well as to improve his French. He also represented a Toronto law firm, Fasken's, in Europe. Upon returning to Toronto in 1968, Graham remained at Fasken's with a practice devoted largely to international trade and commercial law.

He moved from the practice of law to academia in 1981, when he took a faculty position at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law, teaching EEC law, public international law, and international trade law until 1993. Graham also held visiting lectureships at McGill University and the Université de Montréal. In 1999, he endowed a chair in international law at the law school.

Graham twice sought election unsuccessfully to the House of Commons as a Liberal in the riding of Toronto Centre-Rosedale, losing in 1984 to the Conservative incumbent, former Toronto Mayor David Crombie, and in 1988 to Conservative candidate David MacDonald. He defeated MacDonald in the 1993 federal election, and was re-elected in 1997, 2000, 2004 and 2006.

He served as a member, and for six years as Chair, of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Law. Under his chairmanship, SCFAIT produced public reports on the role of nuclear weapons in world politics, Canada and the circumpolar world, the future of the World Trade Organization, the Multilateral Agreement on Investment, hemispheric free trade, and Canadian relations with Europe and the Muslim world. Graham also promoted "parliamentary diplomacy" and was active in the creation or operation of many international fora for parliamentarians, including the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, of which he was Treasurer, and the Canada-US Parliamentary Association. He was also the Liberal Party of Canada's representative to Liberal International and the first elected Chair of the Inter-Parliamentary Forum of the Americas.

In January of 2002, Prime Minister Jean Chrétien appointed Graham as Minister of Foreign Affairs. His tenure was largely dominated by the changes to world affairs flowing from the 9 / 11 terrorist attacks and the increased unilateralism of American foreign policy. Canada did support important elements of the US-led War on Terror, and Canadian troops participated in the UN-sanctioned invasion of Afghanistan to oust the Taliban regime in October of 2001. In the summer of 2003, Chrétien and Graham committed Canada to assume the lead role in the International Security Assistance Force, the NATO mission in Afghanistan. ISAF was initially responsible for securing Kabul and its environs, but an October 2003 Security Council resolution authorized its extension through much of the country.

When Graham's former law school classmate Paul Martin succeeded Chrétien as Prime Minister in December of 2003, Martin left Graham at Foreign Affairs, but after an election in June of 2004 reduced the Liberals to a minority, Martin moved him to National Defence. This would normally be regarded as a demotion, but Martin had promised during the election campaign to increase defence spending, and he indicated to Graham that he would enjoy prime ministerial backing in his efforts to rebuild the Canadian military after the economies resulting from the deficit-reduction program that Martin had implemented in the early 1990s as Minister of Finance.

In July of 2005, as part of a tour of Canada's arctic defense installations, Graham visited Hans Island, the sovereignty of which was disputed by Canada and Denmark. Denmark publicly protested the visit, but subsequently entered into negotiations to settle the island's status.

Perhaps Graham's biggest success as Defence Minister was implementing a new doctrinal and budgetary framework for Canadian defence policy. He persuaded Martin and Finance Minister Ralph Goodale to accept a $13 billion increase in defence spending, the largest in a generation, as part of the 2005 budget. This entailed significant capital expenditures, including the acquisition of Hercules aircraft to provide the Canadian Forceswith tactical airlift capability. In addition, the CF command structure was overhauled to improve the capacity to respond to either domestic disaster or terrorist threat, including the creation of a new Canada Command.

Graham and General Rick Hillier, whose 2005 appointment as Chief of the Defence Staff he recommended, sought to transform the CF into a more mobile force, capable of conducting armed "peacemaking" and humanitarian interventions. This broke with both the Cold War emphasis on preparation for large-scale conventional hostilities across defined international borders, and the recent Canadian tradition of lightly armed peacekeeping under UN auspices. Restoring security and order to the failed or failing states that served as bases for terrorists was placed at the centre of CF doctrine. This conception of the CF's future role was set out in a Defence Policy Statement that fed into the Martin government's broader review of Canadian foreign policy.

Graham and Hillier persuaded Martin to make Afghanistan a laboratory for the new doctrine; in the spring of 2005 the Canadian government announced that the 1,200 Canadian troops in Kabul would be transferred to Kandahar province. Canada assumed a major role in Southern Afghanistan, with 2,300 personnel there by early 2006. Graham and Hillier supported a "3D" or "whole of government" approach, based on the concept of the Provincial Reconstruction Team, in which diplomats, military, police, development and reconstruction specialists work together to provide security and rebuild societal institutions. During Graham's tenure as Defence Minister, Canada's Disaster Assistance Response Team provided emergency relief to Sri Lanka after the 2005 tsunami.

In the weeks leading up to the January 2006 federal election, Graham oversaw the negotiations of an agreement, signed by Hiller and the Afghan Defence Minister, governing the treatment of Afghan detainees captured by Canadian personnel and turned over to Afghan authorities. After revelations in 2010 that some detainees had been tortured, Graham appeared before a parliamentary committee investigating the matter. He conceded that the agreement had been imperfect, lacking as it did a mechanism for monitoring the treatment of prisoners after they were placed in Afghan custody, but pointed out that its omissions were more readily apparent in retrospect than they were at the time, and that it had been developed on the best available advice to meet unprecedented circumstances.

After the Liberals were defeated in the 2006 election, and the Conservatives formed a minority government under Stephen Harper, Graham served as interim Leader of the Liberal Party and Leader of the Opposition, until the December 2006 leadership convention that elected Stéphane Dion as Leader. Two highly charged issues debated in the House of Commons during his leadership were the recognition of Quebec as a "nation" and the extension of the mission in Afghanistan until 2011. Graham was neutral in the race to choose a new leader. On February 22, 2007, he announced he would not be a candidate for re-election in the next federal election. On June 19, he announced that he was stepping down as an MP, effective July 2. This freed up the seat for former Ontario Premier and leadership contender Bob Rae to run as the Liberal candidate in the resulting by-election.

Since his departure from electoral politics, Graham has been active in a number of organizations and business concerns. In 2007, he was elected Chancellor at Trinity College, Toronto. He is a Senior Fellow of Massey College and Visitor at Green College. He is also the Chair of the Atlantic Council of Canada, Co-Vice-Chair of the Canadian International Council, and a member of the Trilateral Commission. He is the Honorary Colonel of the Governor General's Horse Guards and received an honorary doctorate from the Royal Military College of Canada in 2010. As a member of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada since 2002, Graham is entitled to use the style of "The Honourable" and the post-nominal "PC" for life. He has received various honours for his services to the French language and culture in Ontario, including appointment by the French government as Chevalier of the Legion of Honour and Chevalier of the Order of the Pleiade.

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31 December, 2014 - Today's guest on the Canadian Military History Podcast is Captain Slade Lerch of the PPCLI.

Slade Lerch joined the Canadian Armed Forces out of the 2483 PPCLI Army Cadets in Victoria, British Columbia.  Arriving as a new private in November 1986, as a military driver with 11 Service Battalion (now 39 Service Battalion), he decided to make the switch to the Infantry and started that new trade with the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada.  In 1988, he then went on to component transfer to the PPCLI in Wainwright, Ablerta.

Having already completed his Basic Para Course, he transferred to the Canadian Airborne Regiment and returned to the PPCLI after three years in Petawawa.

In order to facilitate his commission from the ranks, MCpl Lerch transferred to the Canadian Scottish Regiment to complete is degree and was made a Lieutenant.  With the C Scots, Slade served domestically fighting forest fires in Kelowna, BC.

He returned to the PPCLI as an officer and was promoted to Captain.  His deployments include one tour in Bosnia and three in Afghanistan.

An interesting highlight in his career was that he served as a Private during the 75th Anniversary cerebration of the PPCLI, then served as the Regimental Major during the 100th Anniversary.

Captain Lerch continues to serve with the 3rd Battalion of the PPCLI in Edmonton, Alberta.

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12 December, 2014 - This week's guest is CWO Terry Garand.

CWO Terry Garand enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces on November 15, 1984 in Ottawa, Ontario. During his career he has served with the 2e Battalion Royal 22e Regiment, 1er R22eR in Lahr, Germany, the Canadian Airborne Regiment, the École de Combat du Royal 22e Régiment, the 3e R22eR, the 5e RGC and the Infantry School in Gagetown. His deployments have been to Cyprus (1987), the First Gulf War (1990-91), The Former Yugoslavia and Sarajevo (1992), Haiti (1997), Bosnia (2002), Afghanistan (2004) and Afghanistan (2009). CWO Garand is a graduate of the Army Technical Warrant Officers Programme and has been the Royal Canadian Infantry Corps Sergeant-Major since 2011.  He is currently the Base Chief Warrant Officer of Canadian Forces Base Kingston.

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23 November, 2014 - This week's guest is Col John Conrad, the Commander of 41 Canadian Brigade Group.

Col Conrad has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and Masters in Defence Studies from the Royal Military College, Kingston, Ontario.  He was commissioned as a Naval Officer (MARS) in May, 1987.

After retraining as an army combat logistics officer he has served in virtually every command billet possible in 1 Service Battalion in Western Canada from platoon commander to Commanding Officer in 2005-2006.  Over half of his career has been spent with the Army of the West in 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group.  Subsequent postings have included a year on Atlantic Area Staff (now the 5th Canadian Division) in Halifax, a year at the Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre in Kingston as well as the G4 (Principle Staff officer for Logistics) for HQ Land Forces Central Area (now the 4th Canadian Division) in Toronto.

He has served in late 2006 to May 2007 as an instructor at the Canadian Forces Command and Staff College and most recently finished up a two-year tour serving as a Deputy Director and Instructor at the Canadian Forces College in Toronto.

Col Conrad has previous operational experience in Cambodia (March to November, 1993) with UNTAC and North West Bosnia (March to September 2000) with NATO’s Stabilization Force (SFOR). He has completed a tour as the Commanding Officer of the National Support Element, the logistics battalion responsible for sustaining the Canadian Task Force in Southern Afghanistan from February to August 2006 (Operation Archer/US Operation Enduring Freedom).

Col Conrad was decorated with the Meritorious Service Medal for his leadership in Kandahar on this difficult tour.  Colonel Conrad currently commands 41 Canadian Brigade Group in the army reserve and works full time as a senior manager with the Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resources Development.  A published freelance author, his first book, What the Thunder Said, was selected by the Book of the Month Club and was nominated for the 2009 Canadian Writers Trust Award in the Non Fiction category.

He is married to Martha Rutherford Conrad and has four children Aidan, Morgan, Harriet and Grace.

You can purchase Col Conrad’s book through my Amazon link.

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10 November, 2014 - This week's episode is with Major General Lewis MacKenzie.

Lewis MacKenzie was born in Truro, Nova Scotia a long time ago. He is a graduate of Xavier Junior College of Sydney Nova Scotia and the University of Manitoba. During his thirty six year military career he served nine years in Germany with NATO forces and managed to avoid service in Ottawa by fitting in nine peacekeeping tours of duty in the Gaza Strip, Cyprus, Cairo, Vietnam, Central America and Sarajevo.

In 1990 Lewis was appointed commander of the United Nation’s Observer mission in Central America. Two years later he was assigned to the United Nation’s Protection Force in Yugoslavia. In May of that year he created and assumed command of Sector Sarajevo and with a small contingent of soldiers from 31 countries opened the Sarajevo airport for the delivery of humanitarian aid during the height of the Bosnian civil war. As a result he became the first Canadian, military or civilian to be awarded a second Meritorious Service Cross.

Since his retirement from the military, Lew has been under contract to CBS and CTV and frequently appears on many of the international TV and radio networks as a commentator on international affairs. He is a regular contributor to the Globe and Mail and is in demand as a lecturer on the subject of leadership.

Lew is still active in motor racing having won national and provincial titles in sports car and formula car racing commencing in 1979. He is the 2010 Quebec – Ontario interprovincial champion in formula ford racing and defended his title in 2011. He continues to race competively in his 74th year. A documentary, "General Racing", was released in 2014.

Lew was made an Honourary Chief of the Metro Toronto Police Force in 1993. He holds Honourary Doctorates from numerous Canadian Universities, is a member of the Board of Advisors of the Canadian Federation of AIDS Research and sits on a number of corporate boards with international interests. Following the attacks of 11 September 2001 General MacKenzie was appointed one of two advisors to the Premier of Ontario on counter-terrorism and emergency measures.

In 2002 and 2006 respectively Lew was invested with the Order of Ontario and the Order of Canada for his humanitarian work in Africa.

In spite of the above, Dora MacKinnon of Baysville, Ontario is still married to the General. Their daughter Kimm works, rides, races formula cars with her father's team and resides in Ottawa.

For ore information about the Never Forgotten National Memorial project, please visit

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2 November, 2014 - The guest for episode 35 of the Canadian Military History Podcast is Colonel Peter Dawe, The Commander of 2 CMBG.

Peter Dawe joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1990 as an artillery officer. Following a tour to Cyprus as a troop commander, he reclassified to the infantry, and joined the Second Battalion, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. Col Dawe's regimental experience has included command appointments at the platoon, company and, most recently, at the battalion level as Commanding Officer of 3 PPCLI.

Col Dawe's extra-regimental employment has included tours at the Canadian Forces Recruit and Leadership School as a recruit and basic officer training company commander, Land Forces Central Area Headquarters, now the 4th Canadian Division, as the G3 Operations, the Canadian Special Operations Regiment as the Operations Officer, and Canadian Special Operations Forces Command Headquarters as the J3.

Col Dawe's operational tours include Cyprus, Bosnia, and two tours in Afghanistan, the first of which was in 2002 as the battle-group operations officer for Operation APOLLO in Kandahar. From May 2011 to March 2012 Col Dawe deployed to Kabul as the Deputy Commander of Canada's Contribution to the Training Mission in Afghanistan.

On 18 June, 2013, Col. Peter Dawe became the 2nd Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group's 12th commander, at a ceremony in Petawawa, Ontario.

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12 October 2014 - This week's guest is Honourary Colonel Blake Goldring.

Blake Goldring was approached by Major General Reginald Lewis to become a successor to the post of Honourary Colonel of the Royal Regiment of Canada.  Blake achieved that appointment in 2006 and immediately started identifying with the regiment and the members of the Canadian Armed Forces that he encountered.

HCol Goldring is the Chairman and CEO of AGF Management Limited and he has also founded Canada Company, which is a charitable, non-partisan organization that serves to build the bridge between business and community leaders and the Canadian Military.  The goal of Canada Company is to ensure that the men and women in our Canadian Armed Forces receive the widest support, care and recognition that they deserve.

In June 2008, the RMC bestowed upon him an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree. In February 2009, the Governor General of Canada awarded him with the Meritorious Service Medal (Military Division).

At the conclusion of his term with the Royals in 2010, HCol Goldring was formally recognized as the Honorary Colonel of the Canadian Army by Lieutenant-General Peter Devlin, then the Commander of Canada's Army, at a ceremony at the Canadian Forces College in Toronto.

At the ceremony, HCol Goldring was quoted as saying "I am deeply honored to accept this appointment.  Our soldiers make great sacrifices in the service of Canada and Canadian interests. I am grateful for this opportunity to support them by continuing to be a bridge between the business community and the men and women in uniform who make us proud at home and abroad."

With this new appointment, HCol Goldring will focus on expanding Canada Company's support base to over 500 business and community leaders to enhance the Canadian Forces' efforts to connect with Canadians.   HCol Goldring continues to participate in various ceremonial events to raise greater awareness about the important work that the Army and soldiers do and to show them that Canadians care.

Canada Company's most recent venture is The Canada Company Military Employment Transition (MET) Program is an initiative developed to assist Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Members, Reservists and Veterans who are seeking to find jobs in the civilian workforce. The program serves as a bridge between the CAF and Canada Company's "Military Friendly Employer Partners".

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21 September, 2014 - This week's guest is WO Justin Thorn from the Queen's Own Rifles of Canada.

At 17, Warrant Officer Justin Thorn joined The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada in June of 1988. During his 26 years in the Canadian Forces he has completed several taskings and exercises abroad, most notably in France, England, and the United States. Additionally, he has deployed twice domestically during the Ice Storms of January 1998, and during the Toronto winter deployment of January 1999.

Warrant Officer Thorn has held several notable Regimental positions: section commander, platoon warrant, and Company Quartermaster. During his Class B service from 1995 – 2002, he was the Recruiting NCO and Regimental Quartermaster for 5 and 2 years respectively; this service earning him a Commanding Officer’s Commendation. He has also taught on numerous recruit, machine gun, driver-wheel and leadership courses.

Currently Warrant Officer Thorn is the Company Sergeant Major of Buffs Company, The Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada. Of note is that The QOR is the only Reserve infantry airborne unit in Canada; Warrant Thorn also serving in various capacities within the airborne contingent. Warrant Thorn completed his Canadian Basic Parachutist Course in August 1990. He obtained his British jump wings in 1992 and U.S. wings in 1994.

Some of Warrant Officer Thorn’s significant military related memories are:

Marching The QOR’s 50 person guard onto Rue (road) de Queen’s Own Rifles in Bernieres-sur-Mer, Normandy, France on 6 June 1994 in celebration and remembrance of the Regiment’s D-Day landing exactly 50 years earlier.

Being awarded the 2001 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion Association’s Reginald A. Walker Award, given to a QOR ‘Soldier who most exemplifies the spirit and physical fitness required’ of QOR members.

Being awarded top candidate on his Senior Leadership Course in 2002

In December 2005 - Canada’s Year of the Veteran - having the opportunity to participate in several ceremonies commemorating the 60th anniversary of the release of Canadian Hong Kong Prisoners-of from War World War II. This included the humbling opportunity to escort several Hong Kong Veterans at graveside ceremonies to pay respect and honour those who had fallen.

Being selected to, and subsequently meeting, the QOR’s Colonel-in-Chief, Her Royal Highness Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall - current QOR Colonel-in-Chief - during a post-ceremony gathering in 2012.

Beyond his military career, Justin has a degree in Bachelor of Arts (Honours Political Science). Commencing in 2002, he joined the Peel Regional Police. Warrant Officer Thorn has served in numerous capacities within Peel Police, including: uniform patrol, training officer, traffic enforcement, criminal investigation, neighbourhood policing and bike/cycling patrol duty, and as an Acting Sergeant. Additionally, he currently leads a Scouts Canada Troop in Toronto; an organization that has seen him work with several Scouting sections during 35 years of membership, with 25 years of this service as a Scout leader.

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14 September, 2014 -This week's guest on the Canadian Military History Podcast is CWO Emmett Kelly, CD.

CWO Kelly was born in Montréal, Québec in 1965 and was raised and educated in the Montreal area. In 1982, after five years as an Army Cadet with the 3 Field Engineers and The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada, he joined the Black Watch as a private soldier in B Company.

CWO Kelly was with the Black Watch from December of 1982 until transferring to The Calgary Highlanders in August of 1995. During his tenure with the Black Watch, CWO Kelly qualified as an Infantry Communicator and Basic Machine Gunner. In 1985 CWO Kelly attended the Ecole de Combat with the Royal 22nd Regiment in Valcartier and successfully completed the Regular Force Infantry Section Commanders Course. This was followed with the completion of the Basic Parachutist Course at CFB Edmonton in December of that same year. While employed with the Black Watch, CWO Kelly was employed as a Section Commander and eventually as a Platoon WO in A Company. He was also employed as the Platoon WO with the Reconnaissance Platoon with 3rd Battalion of the Royal 22nd Regiment within the 10/90 establishment. CWO Kelly was attached to 2eme Regiment Artillerie Leger de Campagne during Operation Salon (Oka Crisis) in 1990 as a platoon WO.

In 1995 CWO Kelly transferred to the Calgary Highlanders where he filled all available positions for a Senior NCO within A Company. From 1999-2002 CWO Kelly was employed as the HQ Company Sergeant Major at the Western Area Training Centre in Wainwright, Alberta. CWO Kelly was appointed as Regimental Sergeant Major of the Calgary Highlanders in 2008, eventually handing over the position in January 2012.

CWO Kelly deployed to Sierra Leone on Operation Sculpture Roto 21 as the Staff College Sergeant Major within the International Military Advisory Training Team (IMATT). While there in 2011 he instructed on a Sergeant Major Course and on a Machine Gun Instructor course for the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF.) CWO Kelly returned to Sierra Leone in 2012 using his civilian skills to oversee construction of a FOB and FIBUA Training Site sponsored by IMATT in support of RSLAF pre-deployment training. Upon return to Canada CWO Kelly was appointed as the Brigade Sergeant Major for 41 Canadian Brigade Group.

CWO Kelly attended Dawson College in Montreal studying Languages and Literature. CWO Kelly has worked in the construction industry in Calgary as a project manager and operations manager for various developers and construction firms.

CWO Kelly is married to Ottilie Kelly (nee Ermel) of Wainwright, Alberta and they have a daughter in the Calgary area. CWO Kelly also has a daughter who resides in the Montreal area. His hobbies include golf and when possible, more golf.

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7 September, 2014 - Pte Joshua Rigg was born in Walkerton, Ontario. He is currently 19 years old and he is a single child. Though, he considers his closest female cousin as his sister since they grew up very closely together. His immediate family consists of himself, his mother, aunt, sister, grandmother and grandpa. Most of his family lives in Brampton; however he has had to move to Toronto in order to go into grade nine at Jarvis Collegiate Institute.

When he was 12 years old his mother signed him up in the Army Cadet program because she thought he could use more discipline. Throughout his cadet career, he transferred from two different cadet units before his found his home at the 48th Highlanders of Canada. There he achieved the Cadet rank of Master Warrant Officer and held the position of Drill Sergeant Major and the highest award in the Canadian Cadet program: the Lord Strathcona Medal. Before aging out of the Cadet program, he received the Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence and a scholarship from law firm for college.

In September of 2014, he’ll be starting his second year of the Police Foundations Program at Humber College. In April 2015, he’ll be graduating with his diploma and has the intention to transfer his credits to Ryerson University for Criminology. The lawyer who presented him the scholarship saw his interests in becoming a police officer with the Toronto Police Service and a soldier with the Canadian Army. He has helped Pte Rigg enlist as a Private in the 48th Highlanders of Canada. Today, he is one of his mentors and is a Major with the Queen's Own Rifles of Canada.

Pte Rigg was sworn into the Canadian Army in October 2013 and started his Basic Military Qualification course a week later. The course was 13 weekends long and was very memorable. He learned a lot of new things, gained new skills and made new friends. He also earned the distinction of being named the course top candidate. That is his biggest accomplishment to date, but after completing his infantry trade courses by the end of the summer of 2014, he expects that that would likely be his biggest accomplishment.

Before entering the Canadian Army he took a year off after graduating high school in the summer of 2012. Before entering college, he worked security at different sites around downtown Toronto. He has worked at Scotiabank Plaza, Bell Media/CP24 Building and a mall across Dundas Square. Pte Rigg has also had the opportunity to work with the Toronto Police Service as Youth in Policing Initiative summer student and spoke at their media launch in front of Police Chief Bill Blair.

Pte Rigg continues to progress towards his goal to become a police constable with the Toronto Police Service and progressing through the ranks as a Canadian Soldier. He says “Without the help of many people in what I’ve done so far, I wouldn’t be anywhere as close to my dreams as I have expected.”

During the intro to this episode, I mentioned the Bunker Military Museum in Cobalt, Ontario.  Please check them out if ever you find yourself between North Bay and New Liskeard.  The museum can also be found at this link.

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-----1 September, 2014 - If you haven't done so already, please check out Episode 030; the Year One look back and review.  I have also posted the statistics from Year On on the Facebook page.

13 July, 2014 - A very frustrating transition to try to increase upload limits and file sizes has resulted in the website being down and the iTunes feed shutting down.  All of this was with the goal in mind of producing better quality episodes for you to listen to.  I do expect my efforts will be fruitful and productive.

The Season One Wrap and Best of Episode is in production and will be finished soon.

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26 May, 2014 -This week's guest is The Royal Canadian Navy Chief Petty Officer, Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Tom Riefesel, MMM, CD.

Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Tom Riefesel joined the Royal Canadian Navy on 22 December 1982 as a Signalman Sea 261.

In September 1983, he joined his first ship, HMCS Assiniboine. Over the length of his career, he progressed from Signalman, to Yeoman Signals, Combat Chief, Chief Yeoman of Signals NATO Standing Naval Force Atlantic, Chief Naval Communicator at Sea Training Atlantic. CPO1 Riefesel served on 8 different destroyers, frigates and AORs, HMCS Assiniboine, HMCS Ottawa, HMCS Protecteur, HMCS Margaree, HMCS Preserver, HMCS Athabaskan, HMCS Iroquois, HMCS Toronto and HMCS Ville de Québec from the Atlantic Fleet, and shore establishments such as the Maritime Command Headquarters, Canadian Forces Language School Shearwater, and the Canadian Naval Operation School.

Promoted Chief Petty Officer 1st class in February 2005, CPO1 Riefesel immediately joined and served with Maritime Force Atlantic Headquarters N6 as the Unit Chief and was appointed Coxswain of HMCS Ville de Québec in June 2006. On completion of his tour in 2008 he was appointed as Coxswain for Sea Training Atlantic where he remained until July 2009.

In July 2009, he was appointed as the Formation Chief Petty Officer for Maritime Forces Atlantic, a position he held until his current appointment as Chief Petty Officer of the Navy in August 2012.

You can follow the Royal Canadian Navy Bravo Zulu of the week on Twitter at #RCNBZoftheweek and CPO1 Riefesel @RCNCPO

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11 May 2014 - This week's guest is Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Richardson.

Lieutenant Colonel Richardson has over 30 years of leadership and management training and operational experience through dual police and military careers.

As a police officer, he planned and led over 1000 successful ETU operations in Niagara and on Multi-jurisdictional operations in Toronto, Hamilton, Waterloo, Ontario and Niagara Falls and Buffalo, New York.

As a soldier Matt was promoted to Battalion Command in 2006. In April of 2010, he embarked on a 10-month deployment as part of Canada’s contribution to the Middle East Peace Process in Palestine instructing Palestine Authority police and security force senior officers in leadership and operational planning. He also authored a research paper on the nine Palestinian Civil Police Explosive Ordinance Unit capabilities for the European Union Mission for the Palestinian Territories.

Following this, he assumed command of the Brigade Battle School and was appointed Deputy Commander of 31 Canadian Brigade Group in London Ontario.

In 2013, Matt retired from the Niagara Regional Police Service to take on the full-time command of the 3rd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group in Northern Ontario.

Matthew is a graduate of the Ontario Police College and has completed a Master of Arts in Leadership Studies with the University of Guelph.

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6 May, 2014 -This week's guest is Brigadier-General Rob Roy MacKenzie. 

Brigadier-General MacKenzie was born in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1963, and spent his early childhood in Regina, Ottawa, and Victoria. In 1976, his family moved to Vancouver, where in 1985 he joined the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada as a Private. He commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in 1986 and the following summer he won the Canadian Infantry Association Sword as the Top Candidate on his Lieutenant qualifying course, at the Infantry School, in Gagetown.

After completing a Bachelor of Science Degree in Geology from the University of British Columbia in 1989, Brigadier-General MacKenzie transferred to the Regular Force, and joined the Second Battalion Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry in Winnipeg. He completed the basic parachutist course, served on United Nations peacekeeping operations in Cyprus, and then served on two missions in Central America as a United Nations Military Observer: first in Guatemala, and then in El Salvador.

On return to Canada in 1992, he was posted to the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada in Winnipeg as the Regular Support Staff Officer and Adjutant. He also taught and completed several courses, and graduated from the United States Army Ranger School.

In 1994, Brigadier-General MacKenzie joined the First Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry in Calgary, where his duties included command and staff appointments and service as Senior Liaison Officer during the 1997 Manitoba Flood. Posted to The Canadian Parachute Centre in Trenton, he qualified as a military freefall parachutist, and conducted all static-line and freefall basic, jumpmaster and parachute instructor courses run by the Canadian Army. In 1999, he was posted to 39 Canadian Brigade Group Headquarters in Vancouver as the G3 Training.

In May 2000, Brigadier-General MacKenzie returned to the Primary Reserve and The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada. Following completion of the company commander’s course he was promoted Major. He then completed the Militia Command and Staff Course at the Canadian Land Force Command and Staff College in Kingston, and the Joint Reserve Command and Staff Course at the Canadian Forces College in Toronto.

In May 2005, Brigadier-General MacKenzie was promoted Lieutenant-Colonel, and assumed command of The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada. In 2006, he was selected as one of only two Canadian Forces Reserve officers to attend the United States Reserve Components National Security Course at the National Defense University, Washington DC, where he returned the following year as a Seminar Leader at the request of the faculty.

After leaving the Regular Army, Brigadier-General MacKenzie began his second career as a Police Constable with the Vancouver Police Department. He attended the Police Academy at The Justice Institute of British Columbia, where he was awarded The Oliver Thomson Memorial Trophy for Physical Fitness. He then served as a member of the Patrol Division in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, while holding secondary duties as a police firearms instructor and recruit field trainer. He was next assigned to the VPD Emergency Response Team where he remained through the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Together with his many police certifications, he has completed the Canadian Army Sniper Detachment Commander’s Course and the Master Sniper Course. He is currently a patrol Sergeant in the Operations Division.

Following his command of the Seaforth, Brigadier-General MacKenzie deployed to Afghanistan in 2008 and 2009 to serve in a key position as Officer Commanding the Operational Coordination Centre – Provincial, as part of the Joint Task Force Afghanistan Headquarters in Kandahar. On return to Canada, Brigadier-General MacKenzie served simultaneously as Assistant Chief of Staff – Operations 39 Canadian Brigade Group and Director of the Regional Liaison Officer Program – Joint Task Force Pacific.

Promoted to Colonel on 7 September 2010, he was selected nationally and volunteered for a second deployment to Afghanistan, wherehe served until the end of 2011 with the NATO Training Mission – Afghanistan as the Senior Advisor to the Afghan Border Police, a specialized police organization with 23,000 members.

On 27 May 2012, he was appointed Commander 39 Canadian Brigade Group. He was promoted to his current rank on 11 September 2013 and appointed Deputy Commander 3rd Canadian Division.

Brigadier-General MacKenzie’s awards include the General Campaign Star – South West Asia with 3 bars, the Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal, United Nations Peacekeeping Medals, the Canadian Forces Decoration, and a Chief of Defence Staff Commendation.

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27 April, 2014 - Today's guest is BGen Richard DesLauriers who enlisted as a Sapper Apprentice in 1964. Completing his Basic Sapper Training as part of the two year program at RCSME, Sapper DesLauriers was posted to 2 Fd Sqn, Gagetown, After this tour he returned to Chilliwack to 3 Fd Sqn where he remained until his promotion to Sergeant in 1973. He was then selected as a member of the International Commission for Control and Supervision in Vietnam and returned to 3 Fd Sqn after this assignment.

Warrant Officer DesLauriers was posted to 5e RGC Valcartier in 1976 and immediately deployed to Bromont, QC, as part of the 5e RGC security forces for the Olympic Games. He served as 2iC of security forces for the equestrian events and was heavily involved in EOD operations. On completion of this task he returned to Valcartier as the 2 Troop WO and then Unit Training NCO Upon promotion to MWO in 1979 he became the RHQ Sergeant-Major 22until 1980 when he accepted his commission. Promoted to Captain, he moved to CFSME as the Chief Standards Officer. In 1982 he became the commander of the Mine Warfare and Demolitions Section and 24 EOD Unit and became a tactics instructor two years later.

In 1985 Captain DesLauriers was appointed DCO of 22 Field Squadron, where he served until his promotion to Major in 1986 at which time he was transferred to theCombat Training Centre as the Senior Engineer Tactics Instructor. In August 1986 Major DesLauriers took command of 45 Field Squadron in Sydney, NS, becoming the first Regular Force CO of a, Engineer Militia unit since the Second World War. During this period he also served in Turkey with the Allied Mobile Force (Land). In 1989 he moved to 1 Canadian Division Engineer Group Headquarters at CFB Kingston as G2 (Int) and subsequently as G3 (Ops).

Maj Deslaurier’s tour in Kingston was followed by a posting to 4 CER in 1991 as the DCO and participated in the CF’s first six-month tour in the former Yugoslavia. On the unit’s return to Germany, he held command of 4 CER until its closure in summer 1993. He then moved to Heidelberg, Germany as the Engineer OpsO in HQ Land Cent (NATO). In this capacity he participated in many of the Partnership for Peace initiatives with former Warsaw Pact countries and in several LandCent exercises involving multiple Corps formations.

On promotion LCol DesLauriers returned to Canada in July 1995 as the Chief of Staff, Toronto Militia District[later renamed 32 Canadian Brigade Group]. He served in this position until his retirement from the Regular Force in 1999 after 35 years of service. He then transferred to the Active Reserve Force and became the Deputy Commander of 32 Canadian Brigade Group. He was promoted Colonel in August 2000 and soon assumed command of 32 Canadian Brigade Group. In 2003 he assumed command of 2 Area Support Group and held that command until January 2005 when he was appointed Assistant Chief of Staff (Operations) and Deputy Commander for Land Forces Central Area. BGen DesLauriers was promoted to his current rank in October 2006 on his appointment at Deputy Commander Land Force Doctrine and Training System.

BGen DesLauriers retired from the CF in September 2008 after 44 years of service. His awards include being invested as an Officer in the Order of Military Merit, the Canadian Forces Decoration with three clasps and the Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal, along with the UN Medal for the former Yugoslavia and the ICCS Medal for Vietnam.

Brigadier-General DesLauriers became the Canadian Military Engineer Branch Colonel Commandant on 28 January 2010.

Please visit The Canadian Military Engineers Association web site for more information about this proud Corps.

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-----18 April, 2014 - For the past few weeks, it has been a struggle to find any time to edit.  I am very pleased to present in two parts the 25th episode of the Canadian Military History Podcast.

This week's guest if Corporal Frank Reid.  Frank is a veteran, author and playwright who spent 8 years (1972-1979) in the Canadian Army with the majority of the time spent on overseas taskings. Frank is an expert on this military time period during the Cold War. Frank does extensive public speaking on military living history.

Frank works with veterans groups to further the cause of veterans’ issues. Frank is a founding member and past President of the Royal Canadian Regiment Association of Waterloo. He has recently written a novel “1972-1979 A Canadian Soldier at Peace”. This novel is based on his experiences on peacekeeping operations in Cyprus in 1974-1975 during the invasion of Cyprus by Turkey as well as NATO operations in Europe during the Cold War years.

When he is not doing research for his second novel or interviewing ex-military personnel for a future documentary, Frank spends many hours doing organic gardening and studying herbalism.

You may contact Frank at or at his website .  Frank is also part of the Facebook Group known as The Mess Tent.

Are you looking for details about the service or sacrifice of your family members?  Check out the records preserved at Library and Archives Canada.

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-----1 April, 2014 - This week's guest is none other than your very own host, CWO Mike Lacroix!  Thanks to Sgt Greg Briggs (ret) for jumping into the breech and helping me out with my April 1st reverse episode.  I couldn't post about the 'guest' for this week's episode until now to preserve the gag.  This is now a spoiler, but April fools is over anyhow.  We had three hours of recording, so after very much trimming, I had to post in four parts.

I am still looking for guests from the Royal Canadian Navy, so please get a hold of me.

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-----23 March, 2014 - This week's guest is Sergeant Tristan O’Neil Bankasingh, the son of Jamaican parents, who was born in Etobicoke, Ontario. Deciding to take a career path different than other members of his family, he enrolled in the Canadian Forces after completing high school and was sworn-in as an artilleryman on October 21, 2004 at Moss Park Armoury. He completed his basic training in the spring of 2005 and finished within the top three of his class. After completion of his DP1 Artillery course in the summer 2005, Tristan was posted within 9 Battery of 7th Toronto Regiment, RCA. While serving in 9 Bty as a gunner, Tristan took his Artillery 81mm Mortarman Course in the spring 2006 and graduated as the top student.

Tristan was promoted to Bombardier in November 2006 and he took his PLQ course during the summer of 2007, completing Mods 1-5 before civilian opportunities prevented him from taking the final portion, Mod 6. Nevertheless, Tristan started a long and rewarding career as an instructor within the Canadian Forces. Between fall 2007 and summer 2009, Tristan completed the PLQ, and the Gun Detachment 2i/c courses and served in 15 Bty as a Gun Detachment 2i/c. He was part of the leadership team that assisted in re-rolling 15 Bty as the mortar battery for the first time within 7th Toronto Regiment. On November 2008, he was promoted to Master Bombardier and he was posted back in 9 Bty during the fall of 2009 as the Battery Sigs Sgt along with assisting in the running and managing of the BQ for the battery.

Opportunities to obtain a BA degree within one year drew Tristan to Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia during the fall of 2010. He transferred to 5(B.C.) Field Regiment, RCA and was assigned a dual-role as a Gun Detachment Commander and Artillery Reconnaissance Sergeant for 55 Battery. He also assisted in introducing the 81mm Mortar to the unit’s members by instructing on the unit’s first 81mm Artillery Mortarman Course.  Displaying leadership and integrity, Tristan was promoted to Sergeant on October 2011.

Civilian job opportunities brought Tristan back to Toronto during January 2012 and he transferred back to 7thToronto Regiment. He was posted in 130 Battery and was appointed Troop Sergeant Major of its Training Troop. This made him responsible for all new members joining the regiment. After a successful year as the TSM of Training Troop, Tristan was moved to 9 Battery and was appointed as the TSM of B Troop in the fall of 2012. He completed his Command Post Technician course during the summer of 2013 was received the Top Candidate award for his excellent performance. He now currently serves in the position of the TSM of A Troop and primarily performs the duties of a Gun Line TSM.

In 2008 at the request of his regiment, Tristan began his involvement with the 105 (Streetsville) RCACC. For his consistent dedication to the cadet corps, Tristan was awarded a unit commendation on December 2013.

Tristan has an Advanced College Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Administration and a BA Degree in International Hotel Management from Royal Roads University. Tristan currently resides in Whitby, Ontario and after a career with the hospitality industry now works with Cutting Edge Inc. as a Financial Referral Agent; assisting personnel of African or Caribbean descent with various solutions of their financial issue.

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-----2 March, 2014 - This week, I will be uploading three episodes to be posted each Sunday as I travel to Florida.  This week's episode is with Sgt Christopher Murdy of 4 RCR.  Next week the guest will be LGen Marquis Hainse, the Commander of the Canadian Army.  Two weeks from now, WO Lise Bourgon from the Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre in New Westminster, BC will be the guest.

If you travel to London, Ontario, please take the time to visit the The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum near the intersection of Oxford St and Adelaide St.

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24 February, 2014 - This week's guest is CWO Deroche who enlisted in the Canadian Armed Forces in July 1980, initially serving with the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment in Gagetown. After completing the Basic Para Course at CFB Edmonton in 1981 he was posted to the Canadian Airborne Regiment in Petawawa.  He served with the Airborne Regiment for a total of eight years and is the youngest person to successfully completed the demanding Patrol Pathfinder Course. He subsequently served extensively in both 1 RCR and 3 RCR, participating in many overseas operational tours including Cyprus, the Gulf War, Croatia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan.

CWO Deroche's final posting within the Forces was with the Chief of Force Development within the Directorate General of Capability and Structural Integration (DGCSI) as a structure integration analyst.

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16 February, 2014 -Today's podcast guest is Brigadier General Gary Stafford, OMM, CD. 

In 1970, Brigadier-General Stafford joined The Royal Regiment of Canada as a Private and progressed to the rank of Chief Warrant Officer in 1983. He held the position of Regimental Sergeant Major from 1983 to 1987.

In 1988, Brigadier-General Stafford commissioned from the ranks, promoted to Captain and posted to Toronto Militia District Headquarters (now 32 Canadian Brigade Group) as the Recruiting Officer for one year. He returned to The Royal Regiment of Canada where, in 1992, he was promoted to Major.

In 1999, he was promoted Lieutenant-Colonel and appointed Commanding Officer of The Royal Regiment of Canada.  Gary Stafford went on to command 32 Canadian Brigade Group before deploying to Afghanistan in 2006.  Upon his return, he was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General and was appointed as the Deputy Commander of Land Force Central Area, which is now known as the 4th Canadian Division.  He retired from the Canadian Armed Forces as the Deputy Commander of Land Force Doctrine and Training System (now the Canadian Army Doctrine and Training Centre) in 2010.

As a reservist, he had a second career as a police officer with the Toronto Police Service where he attained the rank of Staff Sergeant.

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-----9 February, 2014 -This week's guest is Col R.G. Geordie Elms, MSM, CD. In 1967 he followed his grandfather and father into the ranks of the 48th Highlanders of Canada when he joined as a piper. He served with the Pipes and Drums until 1972 when he applied to become an officer under the Reserve Officer

University Training Plan (ROUTP).

He transferred to the Regular Force, joining 3rd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment. As an RCR officer he has served on regimental duty with the 2nd and 3rd Battalions, The Royal Canadian Regiment in Petawawa, Germany, Winnipeg and Gagetown. He has also served on
operations/peacekeeping duties in Cyprus (76-77), Lebanon and Israel (83-85), Afghanistan and Pakistan (88-89) and Bosnia (92-93) In 2000 he was appointed Commanding Officer of The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada in Hamilton.

In 2003 he was posted as Canadian Defence Advisor (Attaché) to the Canadian High Commission in Pakistan and cross- accredited as Canadian Defence Attaché to the Canadian Embassy in Afghanistan. In 2006 he was selected to open the first resident Canadian Defence Attaché Office in Kabul, Afghanistan. His final Regular Force appointment was as Canadian Defence Attaché to Israel (2008-2010).

Colonel Elms was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for service in South West Asia (2008) and Chief of Defence Staff Commendations for meritorious service in Beirut (1985) and during the Pakistan Earthquake (2005). He was awarded by the Deputy Ministers of Foreign Affairs for service as part of the “Gaza Evacuation Team” in organizing the evacuation of Canadians during the Israeli operations in the Gaza Strip January (2009).

In December 2010 after 43 years in uniform (the same as his father and grandfather) Colonel
Elms retired, and with his wife Shirley and ‘Naik the Wonder Dog” and returned home to
Canada where he and Shirley divide their time between their home in Dundas and their cottage in Haliburton. On 23 January 2012 he was honored after 37 years to officially return to service in the uniform of the 48th Highlanders as the Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel.

He owns operates SAGE Analysis and Insight Canada – a boutique security consultancy specializing in cross-cultural and open source intelligence analysis. A member of the Honorary
Advisory Committee of the Peace Through Valour organization, The Royal Canadian Military
Institute and the Royal Canadian Legion, Colonel Elms also serves as Special Advisor on Military on Military Heritage and Protocol to the Mayor of Hamilton and is active in the associations of all three of his regiments.

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2 February, 2014 - This week's episode is with CWO Grant Lawson.  Grant has served as a crewman in the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps in two Regiments: the Ontario Regiment and the Queen's York Rangers.  He has deployed to the Middle East, the former Yugoslavia and most recently to Afghanistan.

His current appointment takes him out of his usual arcs and into the Infantry, serving as the Regimental Sergeant-Major of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry.  Grant is a good friend and a trusted advisor.  He has a deep commitment to caring for those soldiers that serve with him.

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-----26 January, 2014 - Today's two part episode of the Canadian Military History Podcast highlights the service of World War II veteran William (Sam) Magee.  

Sam tried to enlist in every branch of the Canadian Military at age 14.  After the loss of his father, he was the sole bread winner for his family and the military was the best place to earn enough to care for them.  At the age of 17, he managed to sneak past the recruiters and get enrolled in the Toronto Scottish Regiment.  During his training he discovered that the Canadian Army needed soldiers to become paratroopers.  This lead him and his friends, Dennis Flynn and Bill Dinette, to the 1st Special Service Force in Helena, Montana.

Despite washing out on initial selection, and a few brushes with The King's Regulations and Orders, he made it back to the Force known as "the New Kid".

I'm sure his story will capture you as it has me.

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19 January, 2014 - In this episode, I will be interviewing another life-long friend, Major Bruce Mair of the Lincoln and Welland Regiment.  Bruce joined the Toronto Scottish Regiment as a Private and has also served with the Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment.  As a Master Warrant Officer, he took his commission to Captain and has been subsequently promoted to Major.  He currently holds the appointment of Deputy Commanding Officer.

Thank you to the Toronto Black Watch Association for their kind support to the Podcast.

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12 January, 2014 -Welcome Back and Happy New Year.  This episode follows a short break which gave me an opportunity to get caught up and also rest a bit.

I am very pleased to have been able to interview Brigadier General Fred Lewis, who has recently retired from the Canadian Armed Forces after a career that spanned over thirty years.  General Lewis is an inspiring leader who always knew and spoke of the value of military families.  As a military Engineer and Combat Diver, he has had the ability to deploy and serve in many of the world's hot-spots.  I am certain that you'll enjoy this episode.

I am going to put out a little bit of a challenge for you; please email me at with the comments made by the guests of the podcast that really stand out most to you.  In June, I will compile a "Best of Season One" type of episode that will re-visit those themes and those messages.  I am not going to give you categories, so please come up with a category yourself when you make your suggestion.

I would like to thank Scott Gardener and Chris Honeywell, the Two True Freaks, for prompting me to produce a promo for the show which they have offered to play on an upcoming podcast.  You can find the Freaks at for their shows about movies, Sci-Fi, Star Trek, Star Wars, Comics, Disney and much more.

I am also looking for feedback from you about the show and also about the promo.  Please take a moment and let me know what you think by email or on Facebook.

I hope that you are all as excited about the second part of season one as I am!

Thanks for Listening!

Mike Lacroix

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-----11 January, 2014 - While you are waiting for the release of tomorrow's episode, please listen to the promo I have just created.
4 January, 2014 - Happy New Year good Listeners, 

Contact me if you are available to have your story recorded this evening, anytime tomorrow or during the day on Monday.

I could use some help from the Royal Canadian Navy and the Royal Canadian Air Force, and JRs from any element. Current serving, past serving, war vets or peace time vets. Regular Force or Reserve. I also need some help in better reflecting the diverse make-up of our Canadian Armed Forces. Every story has merit.

I am also looking for COs who did family notifications and are willing to 'go there'. 

I've got three episodes recorded and two have been edited so far. I need to build some 'in the bank' for when I get bogged down. 

Thanks All 

Mike Lacroix

8 December, 2013 - Thanks for waiting - Here is the second part of the episode with MCpl Jody Mitic.  In this episode Jody discusses his influences in his decision to become an Infantry Sniper as well as the genesis behind the Never Quit Foundation which he founded.  He also discusses the challenges of going from the master of the battlefield to the recovering wounded warrior he is today.

I truly appreciated the candor and openness of not only Jody Mitic, but also all of my guests so far.  This project started off as just an idea only four months ago and now has grown to, well, beyond my expectations.  Thank you to all my loyal listeners and I'll be back with more great episodes in January 2014!

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-----1 December, 2013 -Today's episode is with Bosnia and Afghanistan veteran MCpl Jody Mitic.  Jody has served with the Lorne Scots as well as the Royal Canadian Regiment.  He is the first member of the Junior Ranks to be interviewed for the podcast as well as the first television star; as he had been featured on a season of The Amazing Race Canada.  

He is well known for his efforts in supporting the recovery of wounded soldiers as he had to go through that himself when a land mine blew both of his feet off in Afghanistan.  He is also the founder of the Never Quit Foundation which aims to be able to raise money and awareness for adaptive living for wounded soldiers, amputee children, and first responders injured in the line of duty by conducting special events and product sales.It was truly a pleasure to have the opportunity to speak with him and listen to his experiences brought to life.

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24 November, 2014 -Today's episode features the experiences of LCol Clifford R Baker, MC, CD.  LCol Baker started his military career as an officer in the 10th Battery of the Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery.  He served during World War II as a Forward Observation Officer assigned to armoured regiments in the 4th Canadian Armoured Division and the Lake Superior Regiment.  After his war-time service, he continued to work in a variety of posts, including the military advisor to the Canadian Ambassador to NATO.

LCol Baker enjoys sharing his experiences whenever he can.  At the age of 93, he continues to give armoury tours in St Catherines, Ontario and working on his memoirs.  I've attached his Military Cross citation below and at these Links Here.  This link   will take you to a video interview with LCol Baker from 2010.

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17 November 2013 - My guest for this episode is the G1 Branch Head at 32 Canadian Brigade Group Headquarters; Major Andrew Hrycajkiw.  Major Hrycajkiw is the first guest from the Logistics Branch.  He joined in 1996 after having to choose between policing or the Army.  He says in the interview that he truly grew and developed into the person he is today because of his experiences in his officer training courses.  As a Logistics Officer, he was very fortunate to experience a wide variety of task and duties, from election monitoring in the newest nation on the planet, South Sudan, and conducting drug eradication raids with the RCMP.

Today's show notes include a wide variety of links, mainly stemming from the podcast launch party as well as a favorite piece of equipment that I recommend.  In attendance at the podcast launch party was reps from Wounded Warriors, the Toronto Scottish Regiment, the City of Toronto and the Royal Canadian Military Institute.

Look for more information about the restoration of Toronto's Coronation Park as the date in September 2014 draws nearer.  Here is the promised link to the Original Pin Saver, which is a highly recommended piece of kit!  While you are waiting for the next episode, please take the time to checkout the Remembrance Project produced by York Regional Police.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank LCol Justin Neil, LCol Andrew Zalvin and the anonymous group of donors for making donations to supporting the podcast.  I am grateful for your support.

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10 November, 2013 - The guest this episode is Lt Ryerson Maybee of the Queen's York Rangers (1st American Regiment) (RCAC).  Lt Maybee is a Officer in the Armoured Corps who started as a Non-Commissioned Member, and commissioned from the rank of Warrant Officer.  He is a highly skilled instructor and leader.  He has served in the former Yugoslavia as well as in Afghanistan.

As a Warrant Officer, Ryerson had the distinct duty to be a Liaison Officer to fallen soldiers and their escorts repatriated from Afghanistan; Specifically Sgt Prescott Shipway and Cpl Mark McLaren.

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3 November, 2013 - Today's Interview is with the Canadian Forces Chief Warrant Officer, Kevin West, MMM, MSM, CD.  Kevin's CF Bio can be found at this Link.  Kevin served in the Naval Reserve, then transferred to the regular force in the Royal Canadian Navy.  After a period of five years, he transferred again to the Royal Canadian Air Force, where he worked his way towards the pinnacle of the Non-Commissioned Member corps as the CF CWO.

He also was vital to providing leadership to the members of 8 Wing Trenton during some very troubling days.  While he was focused on the welfare of the members of the base, he realized that he needed support from his own troops; specifically Sgt Gilbert Laxamana.

During the opener, I mentioned the website known as SOMNIA.  Please check it out for Canadian and International Military News and History.

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27 October 2013 - Today it was my pleasure to interview my friend, WO2 Stan Egerton.  Stan has an amazing story of his family's sacrifice in World War 2 and his continued service to Canada and the City of Toronto after the war.  This was a marathon of editing today, but well worth it.  I managed to squeeze it in between HRH, The Princess Royal's Visit to Kingston and getting my Army Driver's licence (404s) renewed tomorrow morning.

Also, I've decided to Kill the hit counter on the main site and keep the one rolling on the feed site instead.  The hit counter here kept resetting and was driving me nuts. My last check on the feed site, we were closing in on 9,000 hits!  I can't believe it.

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20 October, 2013 - I knew this was going to be a busy week, so I had uploaded the LCol Trollope Episode early so that I could focus on recording and editing this week's episode with Capt Shannon Tyrrell.  The episode went a bit longer than usual, so it was broken into two parts.  I think that that's OK and I'd hate to cut out any of the great things Shannon had to say, just to fit the upload limit.

Two great sites were mentioned during the recording of this episode:

Please take the time to visit the site of Bonnie Saunders known as Glass Treasures.

Also visit the website of the leadership group known as Monticle.

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12 October, 2013 - I've uploaded the most recent episode of the podcast to the feed.  My interview with LCol Cliff Trollope of the PPCLI and the Royal Regiment of Canada went very well.  Today, I spent some time adding hyperlinks to each of the posts that will introduce a whole new element to the podcast by linking into unit websites and more.

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6 October, 2013 - My interview with LGen Andrew Leslie has been posted.  Please check it out and listen as he describes the Chief Warrant Officers who influenced his development as a senior commander in the Canadian Armed Forces.  Last night I attended the dinner of the 4th Canadian Division which was very well attended and I hope that some of the connections I made pan out to some additional interviews.  I did have to miss out on the dinner of the Toronto Scottish Regiment Warrant Officers' and Sergeants' Mess - Sorry guys!!

I appreciate the kind comments left on my Guest Book.  If you have anything to say, I'd appreciate hearing from you as well.
28 September, 2013 - I have just uploaded the latest episode - My interview with Captain Pat Woods.  Pat has served with The Canadian Grenadier Guards, The Governor General's Foot Guards and The Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment.  Listen as Capt Woods describes his service with the CRIC in Bosnia as a Warrant Officer, as well as continuing his service as a commissioned officer.  

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27 September, 2013 - I'm getting ready to record my next episode with Captain Pat Woods, the Adjutant of 33 Canadian Brigade Group. Last night, I visited the Royal Regiment of Canada for the Change of RSM parade.  The Royals have been a great supporter of this project, and I look forward to getting their stories as well.  This morning, I discovered that I have my first donation!  Thank you to MWO (ret) James Smith for the kind contribution!
23 September, 2013 - Well, I should probably go to bed; especially since my alarm clock is about to sound in three hours.  I've just uploaded my interview with Sgt Greg Briggs in two parts and I've had to win a small battle with my software logo over riding my own logo on iTunes.  

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20 September, 2013 - It's just after mid-night and I've finally finished editing and posting the first official episode of the podcast.  I was thrilled to have my former command team partner, LCol Vernon of the PPCLI and the Calgary Highlanders as my first guest, not only because he has a compelling story to tell, but also  because I was able to tie into his journalism expertise to help me break ground on this significant project.

I currently also have a completed interview that I'm editing for upload next week.  This one is with Sgt Greg Briggs of the Toronto Scottish Regiment and the PPCLI.  The interview went really well, but the editing will have to wait for me to get some sleep.  It's due for next week, so you'll just have to wait!

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16 September, 2013 - I have finally worked out ALL the Bugs.  This morning, I found out that I was using an older version of a Blogging software that was about to be discontinued.  My web host gave me a full refund on the purchase and guided me through setting things up through Wordpress.  So a couple of hours of plugging away and a few frustrations put to rest and the job is done.  The RSS feed is located under the block for My Podcast, it is also on my Wordpress site and also, Finally!! on iTunes.

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15 September 2013 - I have uploaded the introductory podcast onto this server and it should be on iTunes by either the end of today or tomorrow morning.  Please listen, rate, and subscribe.  Remember - I'm learning as I'm doing, so if you like it, rate it high; if there's something I could be doing better, please let me know by email and I'll do my best to address the concern.

My first interview will be with LCol Mike Vernon on Wednesday, and I hope to have the recording posted before the end of the week.

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12 September 2013 - I have recorded my first podcast and edited it all in one sitting.  This is my introductory podcast that will explain the origins of the podcast and set a template of sorts.  My first guest is lined up for next Wednesday, so I hope that Monday, I'll have my podcast up and running.

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11 September 2013 - First; I can't believe that it's been 12 years already from the day that changed the way we all live and view the world.  This was not going to be the topic of my post, but once I wrote the date ... Everything flowed from there.  I have my first guest lined up for next week and I hope to have my introduction podcast recorded before then.  The Commanding Officer of the Governor General's Horse Guards has given me permission to use the Regiment's music from their undated CD "Tradition".  I am personally grateful for the support I've received so far.
6 September 2013 - I have fixed a few bugs on the web page and I have sought out some music and images for the podcast.  Once I get my recording software set up, I should be able to get some episodes "in the can"!
28 August 2013 - Today is the Go Live day for the website that will host the podcast.  I have several Canadian Forces Veteran's lined up who are very interested in sharing their story.  My next challenge - Learn how to record and post a Pod Cast!  Check Back Soon!!